Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing." - A Einstein
What has the media poisoned you to believe you cannot survive without? Make-up? Weight gain? Hair products? The newest fashions? Fear of being mugged? THE MEDIA FEEDS OF OF YOUR FEARS! NOTICE THE MANIFESTATION OF ADVERTISEMENTS BE AWARE!
Just thought this was relevant for class.... these are the images we see on a day to day basis... I think this is such a strong representation of what the media projects towards "females" in society. It is solely based on external image should focus only on their weight, beauty, and achieving external perfection. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Black Female Experience (authentic and says who?)

Re-Thinking Black Feminist Article

Black feminists in Britain and the USA have long argued that there exists a black feminist standpoint based on theoretical understanding of black women's everyday experiences. This article draws connections between black feminist standpoint theory and the widening availability of black women's writings within literature and popular culture to investigate the issue of what experiences get taken up and come to define the black female experience. Through doing so, questions are raised about the 'triumph of experience' and the underlying assumptions of authenticity and authority that are so central to academic accounts and popular narratives of the blackfemale experience. In the analysis, tension and discontinuity emerge between academic definitions of experience and the way that blackwomen define experience within their everyday social worlds. The essay draws on and uses empirical research within specific localized communities to critically explore these issues.

Post 1: Media & Ideology

 The author Croteau’s argument suggests that Eurocentric ideologies of the western world have influenced our countries ways of existing and becoming who we are as social creatures. Croteau also argues that the media is a gateway for these ideologies to be maintained, functioning, and in power over societies civilization. Our country specifically the United States of America and transnationally have been affected by ideological practices. These ideologies control, create, and mold us into a certain type of human being. These ideologies control the way in which we should live and how we should do things be it family, educationally, or successful wise. These specific ideologies the author points out that in which how we are living and doing are based on a hegemonic practice. Also, through complex processes they socially construct civilization in a ways that are defined as classist, sexist, racist, gender roles, and oppressively. 
“When we examine the ideology of the media we are not so much interested in specific activities...the broader system of meaning of which these depictions are a part. For ideological analysis, the key is in the fit between the images and words in a specific media text and ways of thinking about, even defining, social and cultural issues” (160). What this means is the media is a gateway for our countries system of power to maintain its control and its complex ways to maintain the status quo. So through the media you will see the perpetuation of sexist, classist, racist, political, and oppressive reflections of our country and the worlds people. “We prefer to think of media texts as sites where cultural contests over meanings are waged rather than as providers of some univocal articulation of ideology” (161). We as people of our nation basically get comfortable with the ways in which we live and do things on a day to day basis. We never question what is fact and what is manipulated, controlled, and created for the benefit for those in power elite position.  For example, to discuss the main point we as people do not always question why is it that there is only majority of men in political positions and lack of women. We do not always question why females get paid less then men. We do not always question why certain roles apply to genders and why labels such as race or sexual orientation place us in more popular or oppressive positions. So whose ideas are these and since this ideology used in our country clearly oppress many of its civilians why are we taking it as fact rather than understanding its complex ways to maintain the status quo through media outlets and other institutional practices as well.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

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Allow me to introduce myself

Her names Angela. She's a lesbian. A poet. Sings her heart out. Lover and a fighter for what is right. 24.Sagittarius.
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