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POST: 5 Ted Talk: Michael Wesch :From Knowledge to Knowledge-Able"

REFLECTION: Write about your personal connections to this text.  What does it make you think about?  How does it relate to you? Be sure to draw directly from the text so that the author’s themes and issues are clear.

“We cannot live the next 100 years, like the way we have lived the last 100 years” (Wesch TED). This 18 minute video just reminded me of the horror in which we endure on a day to day basis and the horror we will soon endure in the near future. This video reminded me of the murderous ways in which humanity destroys its very life source, home, and its means of survival for capital and positions. This video should make your heart cringe with fear for the future our children and our children’s children. Just look around when you are walking down the street the trash we leave behind, the fear of one another, the people we do not acknowledge based on races, based on classes, based on gender, or the destructive messages being thrown in our children's faces of which roles they should play, the oppressor or the oppressed. Take a deep look at the murderous violence our country forces upon other races, the female sex, children, and other countries for means of production. We so desperately need to realize everything we lack as a people because if we do not, I mean that TED video said it clear enough we will willingly disconnect our life support. Our planet is hanging on by a thin string and we need to use this new technology as a means to reunite the people, to create a global movement, and to save humanity. It is very clear that those whom wish to hold power do not care about humanity but rather their pockets and positions in the world. We need to connect, we need to speak loud, we need to stand against the dominant culture. If we do not we will seise to exist we will be destroyed. It is easy to sit in a classroom and feel as if you have made a difference and I am not saying that you have not because just being awake to attend classes like teens in the media is the first step. I want to use my voice but I want you to use your’s with mine lets do a little more. Talk to your classmates tell them you want and that you need more from them, collaborate with them, tell your teachers you wish to have a voice in classes, you wish to make a change, you wish to create a better tomorrow in every aspect of the word. A better world, better systems, better living, and better treatment for all living things. This destruction of the planet should leave you un-able to sleep at night as it does to me. I loved the ending statements of the video when he spoke of the small bird all by its lonesome trying to save its habitat and just through the vision of this one small step every other animal joined in to save their world. It seems to me that this world at this time in history and in past centuries only greed, hate, and violence is being spread all over the world. Lets join together as a people and stop it before its to late. We need to do the same as that little bird we need to utilize our beaks “the media/internet/voices” we have the ABILITY. We need to love one another, we need to spread love with everything in us, we need to let young girls know they are beautiful the way they are, let them know they do not need beauty products to be someone, we need to let boys know they do not need to be violent oppressors, we need to except all genders, all sexualities, all races, we need to make a difference and we desperately need to make a huge change. That is the only way we will survive as a species it is the only way we will save our home. LOVE YA’LL!!! 

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I thought this was so interesting to me it truly seems like a cry for help for understand for the truth behind why these young adults feel and do these things to their bodies. It is a cry for self identity, self expression, a release of pressure put onto an unknown force that consistently feeds them negative images of how much they do not belong! BLAME THE DOMINANT CULTURE BLAME THE MEDIA BLAME THE IDEOLOGY THAT DESTROYS YOUTH AND MINORITIES!HELP US!

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Post 4: Hine The Rise and Fall of the American Teenager

  • QUOTES:  Choose three quotes from the text and explain what they mean and their relevance to the text
“So this is the last you’ll hear about that sixteen-year-old would-be writer. Yet he’ll be sitting with me as I write, making a nuisance of himself. His role is to keep reminding me that while this is largely a history of roles and expectations, the teenagers I;m discussing aren't some exotic species-they’re real people. And that’s what makes them so difficult to deal with” (Hine 3).

This quote sat with me for a while and made my brain go into overload with all of the memories of my what society has constructed as what would be my “teenage years”. This is a commonality between all “teenagers in this country”. Who they are or could be is barricaded by the conceptions and ideas of what society has constructed and consistently promotes via media outlets. If you throw me in the woods as a child and I grow up the rest of my life with wolves sure enough I will take on that role. All of the ups and downs the emotions the lack of maturity and dependence on my parents. My expectance to get a job gain some responsibility but not be considered valid or taken serious is a confusing and uncomfortable place to be. My high school experience and  rebelliousness that was expected of me and the roles I was expected to play I sure did play. I always knew however deep down someplace that I was someone that I wanted a voice but I clearly had difficulty doing that because in my head I was not capable of these things yet maybe one day I would be but that day had not yet come. I will never forget the day siting in the advisors office with my father who had not a clue about the systems of education and the levels of classes there were to take what I had the ability cognitively to achieve. This lady asked me what I planned on doing after high school and I said college but I was unsure at that time she assumed that because I was not sure that I should not be put in higher college prep courses. So because I was unsure she made that decision for me and of course knowing now why I let her take the reigns on my high school future I in some ways greatly effected my future that very day because I did not know myself or my capabilities like I do now and its all because of this paradoxical social invention.

“Defining a person strictly in terms of age feels natural to contemporary Americans. Our society’s commitment to equality seems to demand objective classifications...The trouble with creating a distinct group defined by age is that we conjure up phenomena that don't really exist” ( Hine 16).

The problem with this idea that the teenage years is a “natural” phenomena is what scares me the most and leads me to believe not only is this the fall of the teenager but humanity itself. The classifications of groups be it age groups, race groups, gendered groups, leaves “the machine” to define and give certain groups labels and stereotyping. This need for equality and diversity is just a mechanism for other powerful workings ot take place. What I mean by that is these “needs to define people” the need to “categorize people” leaves us blind to the truths of what is really occurring. I guess to distract us from the insidious workings at play in the country. As earlier in the article she describes how the “teenage archetype” never existed and these people had the term “youth” and lived as what we now would term “adulthood”. These societal conceptualizations of groups, races, genders shape how these people live, who these people are, and end up creating a bigger problem for humanity in the end. All for marketing and social reforming purposes. The blame well its the patriarchal capitalistic ideological system that this country is encompassed in and continues to maintain these ways of doing only benefit the 1% of the nation. The relevance of this quote to the whole text is that if we keep assuming that this “teenage” concept is natural only more negative, violent, and devastating things will arise from this. It creates a violent division between adults and their children. It creates a contradictory and psychological issues for the growing youth. A loss of valid identity in the world which also causes a sense of loss and not belonging and as human being we want to feel like we belong to something or someone. All of these negative conceptions of “the teenage group” only allows more damage to be done to them be it physical, mental, or emotional.

“No part of the teenage mystique is more alluring and perplexing then sexuality. Being a teenager is, in some respects, an unnatural act. An imposition of culture on biology. It means continuity of being a child but your body telling you otherwise. Young people nearing the peak of their physical and sexual powers are told to delay using them, and focus these energies on acquiring skills and moral values” ( Hine 22). 

It is so prohibited so disappointing to your parents when you engage in sexual activity at an age where it is considered disgusting but at the same time normal occurrences during teenage growth. Normal in a sense where it is ok to feel like you want to use certain parts of your body to gain pleasure but also looked upon this age group to suppress biological and psychological desires for sexual pleasure. We have to be moral and abide by these unwritten “rules” our parents had to abide by so on an so forth. Another thing teens must face is the everlasting exposure to SEX ADS, SEX THIS, SEX THAT for teens...but the lack of sex education and access to sexual healthy living. So you arose the youth by throwing sex in their faces but you prohibit them from engaging in sex? Which, do not forget is a natural biological occurrence to please the body from stress, tension, etc... but yet lack the resources to protect our youth from diseases, pregnancies, and psychological damage? The article and this quotes relevance is just that this country creates sex and teens to be a “taboo” but throws sexual stimuli into these sexually developing teens faces and expect them to understand whats going on within them but also having to suppress and sneak biological and psychological yearnings that is just a mental stress of a whole other level and yet we do not see it as a mechanism to blind us from the truths of our country.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Post 3: Arguement Raby

ARGUMENT:  Describe the author’s argument in a short statement that begins, “This author (name) argues that….”  Follow it with a paragraph explaining that argument in your own words. The argument is not a summary of ideas but a short explanation of the author’s most significant contribution or idea.  What is his/her main point here?

The author Rebecca C. Raby argues that the discourses of adolescence that are currently practiced in the united states specifically discourses on the topic of teenagers that have been established, maintained, perpetuated, and practiced via the media, education, and politically in our country are causing negative refections of this group. These specific discourses  being currently being practiced the author states have been contradictory, misrepresentative, neglectful, and the distortions of biological truths versus social constructing practices have been used to create a specific type of teenage archetype. There fore, leaving no room for self creation or self exploration for these persons. This leaves students lacking agency and sense of self causing rebellious behavior and a yearning for a place in the world. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Post 2: Unpacking the Myths that Bind Us: Reflection

“Without giving students an outlet for despair, I was indeed creating “factories of cynicism” in my classroom and it wasn't pretty” (134-135). Linda Christensen's article is everything I thought it would be and more for may reasons. As she describes her students frustrations and cognitive misers with the truths behind our societies cultural industry brainwashing, manipulating, and creating our very own realities. The media? magazines? cartoons? advertisements? all of these things that we have been paying attention to and not realizing the underlying motives? Who in their right minds would use cartoons as a gateway to controlling and teaching the people of the world how to understand and do things in everyday life on such a massive scale? As soon as we are birthed these images and ways of doing things are being programmed in our minds. I could understand some of these students reactions of dismissal,anger,anxiety, and agony. Its everywhere all around us and it is very overwhelming and forceful against us whom are conscious of such deception. I was a victim to these form of deception and manipulation I watched all of these movies and I loved ariel and I hated Ursula for taking Ariels voice because she so desperately wanted to be human to find her true love that she had to sacrifice something valuable to her for a man. Just makes me think about all of the times I had put up with disrespect or acceptance of being devalued. How else was I supposed to handle certain life situations when I was only taught to be submissive, weak, and accepting of wrong doings that hurt me. Growing up on these cartoons, toys, and magazines it never really clicked as to why there were not dolls of different races white was just the “norm” I suppose I came to accept that and now that I look back at my upbringing I am disgusted. I feel angered at the lack of change I feel happy but sad because I can teach others to be conscious of these societal industries that brainwash people to have a specific ideological viewpoint without even knowing it but in despair because it is so damaging to humanity and such a huge battle that needs to be fought. I am no longer a victim to these dominant cultural practices but I was at one point brainwashed and a robot to these media images of what I should look like, how I should act, how I should dress, and who I should pursue and love. 

My concerns are that although I take steps to fight this battle I may not live to see the change I so desperately want.





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